What is an E-shop?

E-shop is the most important part of the website, that sells a variety of goods and services and business-to-consumer oriented. It is like a physical retail store, located on the internet which must make the shopping experience for the customers easy and attractive. Every e-shop is unique, user-friendly and customers are able to shop at any time they want.

How does it work?

First, the customers visit a store, they browse the stores’ catalog and search for the products they are looking for. Later, they add the products to their shopping cart and manage their shopping cart by adding or removing products. When they feel ready, they buy the products and then they check-out. The check-out process is usually safe and protects the customer’s personal information. If a customer needs help, e-shop offers support by email or contact number.

What makes a good E-shop?

An e-shop should be attractive, easy to manage, have an appropriate signboard and make customers want to buy from it, as there are lots of e-shops on the internet. A signboard can be the lines in a search system, the advertisements on other sites, the banners and the head of the homepage. An e-shop should also be in a high position of a search list because customers don’t know what they are exactly looking for and then click on what they see first. Moreover, an e-shop should be also clean and simple in order to let a customer concentrate on the product to make a good decision and find the product that he is looking for.

How Digital.Mentory team can help?

Digital.Mentory team can create for you an effective and user-friendly e-shop where visitors will find fast and easy what they are looking for, through an impressive and at the same time pleasant customer journey. Our goal is to make sure that your e-shop will attract more and more visitors, convert them into customers and as a result increase your profits. We can create your e-shop using plenty of platforms, such as WordPress, Magento etc and we can also work on CMS or custom e-shop.
We understand your needs and your business goals and we guarantee you a functional e-shop with certain success for you and your company.
Feel free to contact and to discuss with us about the best e-shop options for your business.