Custom Site

What is the meaning of a custom site?

In order to create a custom site, you can hire a company to offer you their customized templates or hire a professional web designer to create your own custom design or even you can use a do-it-yourself template-based platform.

Custom site templates are usually used to develop solutions in other sites and provide correspondence within a business. Websites have many functions which can be used in various fashions and are dedicated to a particular purpose such as entertainment, education or social networking.

A Few custom website options!

Our professional and expert team is here to advise and provide you with plenty of types of custom sites that you are able to choose according to your needs and your business’s goals. Each type is used for specific purposes in relation to your products or services and with the main goal to increase your customers and your profits. The most common types of custom sites that our team can create for you are:

  • E-commerce Websites: which are used by businesses to sell their products online over the Internet.
  • Writers / Authors Websites: which are part of what’s known as the Writer’s or Author’s Platform in the publishing business, and include, a website, a Facebook presence, blog, Twitter account, and the old-fashioned mailing list.

  • Community Building Websites: which are social websites, forum websites, and sharing websites etc..

  • Mobile-friendly Websites: which are mobile friendly websites (fully responsive website on mobile and tablet devices) and that means, that the pages are narrower in width and take up less work, better for mobile devices.

  • Blogs: where people can read or write about whatever is going on in their lives or business, or they may comment on politics and news.

  • Informational Websites: which are websites full of information such as, the online encyclopedia.

  • Online Business Brochure/Catalog: which is a large net where people can inform about every business in the world.

  • Directory Websites: which are dedicated to a certain topic or industry and can encompass geographical areas.

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