Custom CMS Design

What is a custom CMS?

A custom CMS is a proprietary answer which is created for one company or use case. More specific, a custom CMS has control over the platform’s functionality, updates, and interface of your business. Also, with CMS the system’s workflow, design, and usability can be bespoke to any business.

Digital.Mentory’s custom CMS design!

Our professional and expert team, can answer every possible question about custom CMS design and help you decide the best option for your business according to your marketing needs and your goals. Our technical skills in integration, software development, Internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are all special skills that can assure you the ultimate success. We can propose you plenty of factors that can affect the decision to go with a custom CMS:

  • In-house IT resources: which means that it is very important to evaluate when your company has the resources to take advantage of an open source platform when choosing a CMS.

  • User profiles: The roles and needs of your company’s CMS users are very important in selecting your CMS platform. There are some types of CMS that are too technical for marketers to manage on their own. As a result, they address to the IT staff to help them with coding, editing content, and uploading. In such cases, the time to market for new content campaigns might slow down.

  • Budget: The cost of a custom CMS depends on whether it is built in-house or by a service firm. It is also important that the inspection increase of the platform may reduce maintenance expenses over time.

The most important things that a CMS platform include:

  1. A custom CMS doesn’t always mean restricted
  2. A custom CMS may be needed or not, depending on your needs
  3. Often a custom built solution may run quicker
  4. A custom CMS is not approved for a basic website
  5. WordPress is usually a great solution for a basic site

Is a custom CMS risky?

A custom CMS is not risky if a smart and underlying technology is chosen and in combination with an experienced team to develop it. Tools like WordPress and Drupal which power the popular systems, can be used on custom software, with the only difference that the software will be 100% customized for your usage. In case you need more safety, you should aim a 5-year lifespan (at least) of the core software.