Website Development

What is Web development?

Web development is a broad term for the work which involved in the creation and developing of a website. More specific, web development has to do with the programming and coding side of a site’s products such as web design, web engineering, network security, web server, and web content development. Web development varies from developing a simple single page to the most complicated web-based application, social network services and also electronic businesses. Usually, it refers to the main aspect of building websites like coding and writing markup. Web development teams in larger organizations and businesses, consist of lots of people and follow methods like Agile methodologies while smaller companies require a single permanent developer, graphic designer or information systems technician.

Web development must follow the below in order to function the right way:

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side coding
  • Database technology

Web development is also known as CMS (content management systems). CMS can be made proprietary or open source. It also acts through the browser between the user and the database. The main asset of CMS is that people who haven’t technical knowledge, are allowed to make changes.

Web developer specialization consists of three kinds:

  1. front-end developer who are dealing with the web site’s layout and visuals
  2. back-end developer who is responsible for the functionality of a website
  3. full-stack developer

Mentory Web Development!

We assume to create for your business a fully responsive website according to your needs and your goals. Our expert team consists of professional and certified web developers and designers that have years of experience designing websites. team gives a lot of attention to your website’s development, content management, and security and also makes sure that your services are ready and easy to be updated and compatible with every device software.
We know that your site is the reflection of your business and because your business is very important to you, web development of your site is such important to us. Contact us and let us impress you through our work