Single Page Website

A single page website

A single page website explains the beauty of simplicity. You only have one page to find any information you want. Moreover, there are some options that play a very important role in a good first impression, which is crucial for any company. The single page website, need to have a solution for prospects’ one main problem, a small budget for website design, a network that will use business cards or personal references, not to search the website but found it and lasts a desire for stickiness.

Usually, this type of sites includes four parts:

  • A hero title which is a combination of words and images
  • Proof points sections which support the value proposition in the hero title and elaborate what you offer as well
  • About section which in general connects prospects to the purposes and team of your company
  • Call to action section which recommends the visitor to convert on an offer

In general, there are some websites which work better with single page designs. These sites usually, are portfolio pages, landing pages, product sites, and company pages as well. These websites might have little content but they should have strong branding and clean navigation. There are plenty of design trends that are available but you need to find the more suitable design for your site which serves your business’s purposes. The automatic scrolling navbar is a very common feature that someone can find on single page designs and its job is when you click a link to automatically scroll to that section of the page. It actually works as a regular navigation menu with a fancy user experience.

Our contribution to the Single Page Website!

Digital.Mentory team through its years of experience can advise you about the single page website and when it is appropriate to use it. If your company offers a single product or service, or you need to prove you are open for business and your sales process is a consultative one or you want to tell your story, our team can suggest you the best options for your needs having in mind your goals and how to increase your profits and your customers. We are also here, to discuss with you the additional benefits that you will have, in case you decide the single page website:

  • They Are Faster to Launch because it costs less time and money to put together a single, well-designed web page.
  • Keep User Attention Without Requiring Clicks as you want your website to be connected with the users.
  • Focus Prospects to Engage With One Call-to-Action by adding one clear call-to-action on a web page to incite users to convert.
  • Better Mobile Usability as one more benefit of having one page is that it’s even easier to use on mobile devices.
  • Tells Your Story in an Easy to Scan Way because you have to make people understand your story and take action quickly.