A presentation is a mean of communication that transferred a message across to the listeners and can be also adapted to various speaking situations, such making a speech at a wedding, as talking to a group or addressing a meeting. Presentations must be prepared very carefully as they represent a mean of communication which combines sound, body language, and image. In certain formats, they are also known as a keynote address. Another important point is the three key components in delivering communication which is: the communicator, the message & media used and the receiver.

There are two main purposes of presentation:

  • To Inform: We share the information to make people understand what they didn’t know before by using a good and clear message, easily understood by the audience.

  • To Intrigue: A presentation is about “showing” in order to intrigue the audience into an action, by using the logic and the emotion of the audience.

Digital.Mentory’s work on presentations

Digital Mentory team can provide you presentations at all kinds, in relation to your products or services, in order to achieve your goals and thus increase your customers and your profits. The combination of an understandable, effective, simple and straight presentation can assure you that you will definitely make a great impression for your business. Besides the presentation slides which have become the most common tools for a presentation, there are many other tools that we use such as flipchart, the sample of a product, demonstration etc. Our designed presentations encompass:

  • Understandable content, which is making clear the message that you want to share with other people. This procedure will help in defining the message that needed to be included. We think about the problem and why should your audience listen to you and do what you want them to do.

  • Simple and straight design, and use strong visuals such as diagrams and make your audience focus and understand to what you want to communicate.

  • Effective delivery to our audience since the presentation is made to deliver your message to your audience. Having a good design and good content will definitely help you with this procedure.