What is an Infographic?

Infographic is a presentation of information or knowledge in a graphic, designed to make data easily, quickly and clearly understandable. Infographics used to communicate a message, to see data patterns, to monitor changes over time and overall, to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. They are also used to manage high-level views of data and include pie charts, line charts, bar graphs, tree diagrams network diagrams and isotypes which are new example of infographics. Infographic makes minimal use of text and simplifies large data providing a high-level view and making them easier to digest.

Digital.Mentory’s Infographics

Digital.Mentory consists of an expert team which can create various types of Infographics, for your business in order to increase your visitors, impress them by the simplicity and the combination of the graphics’ colors and shapes, and then convert them into customers. Our infographics follow your data, and according to them, we create the best infographic option in relations to what you want to share with your audience. So, depending on your information there are some suggested options:

  • Informational Infographic: which is a graphic encashed by shapes, icon, colors and other elements but with great emphasis on the words.
  • Timeline Infographic: which create a representation of events and activities in chronological order.
  • Charts Infographic: which has a chart as the centerpiece of the information visualization with colors, shapes, and icons.
  • Pie Charts Infographic: which is one where the focus object is a pie chart.
  • How To Infographic: which describes the steps involved in achieving a certain outcome.
  • Process Infographic: which is similar to a how-to infographic but here the key distinction is that a process infographic depicts decision-making processes.
  • Comparison Infographic: which examines the similarities and differences between two or more products, actions, ideas or individuals.
  • Number Infographic: which is recognizable by the emphasis on numbers.
  • Resume Infographic: which depicts the work experience, professional qualifications and other credentials of an individual in a visual format.
  • Visual Elements of Infographic: which are used to make a visual representation of data qualify as an infographic.