CMS Redesign

What is CMS?

CMS or content management system is an application which is used to manage a website’s content. A redesign is responsible for the appearance of a website and not for the way it works. In addition, changing the CMS affects the way it works, adds various improvements and expands the functionality. There are lots of free platforms to choose if you feel that you have to make some changes on your site. Moving your CMS can be an at a root decision usually, for example, if your site is not compatible on smartphones & tablets, you have to redesign the site and create a new or make it user-friendly. Website redesign is very important when you update your site in case you feel disappointed with it. Even if website redesign and CMS are two different things, they have in common one purpose and that is to update your site by getting both a renewed site and fresh design.

Our CMS Redesign

Our professional and experienced digital team can help you choose the right CMS redesign and also suggest you some options according to your company’s needs and marketing goals. Out team take considerations various of factors in order to upgrade your CMS either we are talking about the existing one or the new:

  • We don’t confuse your website with your content management system as a CMS is a tool that we use to organize and manage the online presence and a website is your institution’s online presence. When we decide together the appearance and the performing of the site then you will create a flexible, powerful and extensible CMS to power your website.

  • We are looking for a CMS that separates your content from design. What it means is that your content is stored in one location and used in whatever format you wish, but the design of your site is stored in another location. This type gives us the ability to update your design without affecting the content but enhancing speed, flexibility, search optimization, and performance.

  • We anticipate future growth. Every university, for example, wants to attract more students and increase enrollment. To achieve this goal, universities website’s content and design should be updated or completely change very often as new technologies showed up. In that case, our flexible and extensible CMS is able to integrate seamlessly with systems which are innovative and also plugins.

  • We make it easy to use. We create a CMS that gives you the opportunity to define a framework set limits and also make it easy for users to publish and create pages.