Web Design

We make Unique Websites!

Having a website constitutes a very important part of your business. So, a website should be professional, attractive and it’s crucial to work out. Digital Mentory team can assure the best result providing development services as well as web design for every size of business. Using the right layouts for your business, our team provide you beautiful design and all these in such a combination where your clients will have the best first impression of your company, services or products.

We create websites in order to look impressive and at the same time helpful, to convert more visitors into customers. Our strategy’s goal is your success! We dispose of plenty of services for your site in order to provide you with the best results to achieve your goals. Those services are Front End UX, development, features, buttons, images, appearance, branding etc.

Our Strategy

Initially, we start by doing a research about your business, beginning with a discovery questionnaire about your services, the sites you like and more. Then, we start the design part, according to your preferences and all the information that you gave to us. We arrange a meeting where you will be able to see our work and give us your feedback. Once, we are ready with the design, we start with the development, providing you with a URL where you can see our work for your business and make sure that you like the images as well as the layout. Later, we delve into the content, as your customers come to your site for a reason and that’s why we pay too much attention to that part. Afterward, we do the technical work as we are ready to launch your website and finally, we arrange a meeting to show you how to manage your new site and answer to all of your questions.