Web Services

What is Web Service?

Web application services or web services are services that are made available from a business’s web server for web users or other web-connected programs. In other words, they used to communicate between two devices on a network. Web services vary from services like storage management and CRM ( customer relationship management) to limited services like the checking of a bid for an item. Users can access some web services via a peer to peer arrangement. Middleware is a class of software which enables data and the exchange of procedure that some services can communicate with other services.EDI or electronic data interchange is an old standardized service that some previous services are possible, are likely to become web services. Besides the above, web services are increasingly enabled by the use of XML (extensible markup language) which is the foundation for the WDSL (Web Services Description Language).

The effect on performance as demands for web services rises, as they proliferate. Lots of new products have come out that actually enable software developers to create and also modify applications that exist and can be published as web services. A web service contains a service provider and requester or else client and is also feature language transparency, which means that there is no point if the underlying system is written in Java, while a client is written in Ruby, Python or Perl.

Web Services List

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