What is the traffic?

Traffic in Social Media is about getting people to visit your site is very important either you have a retail site or a business main website, or else there is no point in keeping it online. There are lots of ways to help you generate the traffic for your site, but the top three methods are SMM (Social Media Marketing) which refers to using social media sites and network to market your business, SEO (social media optimization) which can get a website to the top of the search engine rankings and PPC (pay per click) which can get people to click through ads placed across the internet, direct to your site.

Each method requires time and effort to deliver results, and even though they are different, the end is common as they want to increase traffic to your site. Although, the chances of converting visitors depend on SEO or PPC traffic or generated through SMM and this is why those methods are important to be compared. The results of this comparison will let you focus on the one you lag and where you should reduce spending.

Despite all the above, there are more reasons that are important for your traffic increase:

  • the cost, which is an investment you have to do on SEO, SMM or PPC
  • the time as the results of those methods will take some time to be delivered and increase the traffic
  • the competition which is higher than the three above methods but equally important if you want to get more users to your site
  • the quality of traffic as the users must be refined and curated

Organic, Referral and Paid traffic

Organic traffic is a term used for referring to the users that land on your site from the unpaid search results. It is the opposite of paid traffic as here, visitors find your site after using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing and not referred by another site. An easy way to increase organic traffic is to publish relevant and quality content. SEO is the tool which helps in improving organic traffic.

Referral traffic is a term based on social media platforms. For example, if your site has pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. and you publish a link of your site on those pages, users will click on that link which will take them to your website, and that counts in referral traffic.

Paid traffic is a term used when people do campaigns of their blogs or websites in AdWords, Facebook and on other social media platforms, in order to get more traffic and increase their traffic. Blog authors or website owners, usually invest money on campaigns like those, as they want to get more output or traffic for their site.

5 simple ways to increase traffic

  1. Optimize your website content, by knowing your current traffic statistics because in other cases your traffic will be temporary and fleeting.
  2. Using social media strategies can help you in driving more traffic to your site.
  3. Create a system that allows recurring traffic as with the right system you will be in control of the traffic and command it.
  4. Do guest posting and content out the search as you have to get your content in front of new users.
  5. Repackage your content as well as repurpose it.

How is website traffic actually recorded?

When a user visits a site, his computer communicates with the website’s server which transmits every file to the user browsers where they are formed into a cumulative piece with texts and graphics. Along with the monitored traffic on the website’s homepage, all segments of the site are monitored as well, in order to determine how many the received hits are. Servers can collect requests for a site, to determine how famous the website is and which of the pages gather more attention. So, when a server processes a request it makes an entry on the server’s hard drive. After that, the log gathers entries and forming a database of info which the website analyze in order to understand better the visitor’s activity.

Our assist to increase your traffic

We can drive traffic to your website through plenty ways, such as using hashtags and creative designs with your posts, utilizing social media advertising and making the content easy for your users to read and share by adding links to your content. Also, we never forget to add your website’s link on your posts and all your social media accounts in case your audience want to visit your website.

Another important thing is the connection we make with other similar industry influencers and sites in order to stay alert in any update your industry may have and align our posts to them. Then, we make sure that we are creating the best social media strategy and get the intended results. We don’t over-promote your products and services, as we don’t want to spam your audience but additionally, we manage all your social media accounts to reply to all your comments and messages and keep the engagement in high level.