Promoted Ads

What are the promoted ads?

Although social media developed around the principle of community building, valuing dialogue and interaction, if you really want to benefit as much as possible from your social media presence, you will have to use paid advertising, or in social media terms “sponsored content”. The organic reach of a post is really low for most social media platforms. When you publish a post, only a small segment of the people connected to your brand will see it in their newsfeed. If you want your message to reach a wider audience and more people to discover your brand, promoted ads are the way to go.

Online advertising, play a very important part in a business success. People will not know about your products or services and how great they are if you don’t present them to your audience since online advertising has changed the digital marketing strategy. Nowadays, adverts can be customized in order to appeal to individuals on a more personal level by targeting their likes and location. This targeting, which is based on interests and likes, has increased the effectiveness of online methods that have to do with advertising. Of course, the price is very important for businesses, especially with the small ones and, have also no experience with paid advertising. Is actually a big decision to spend money on paid advertising and businesses should be 100% certain that this is the right choice. Paid ads are a great way to present your product and service in front of your audience. SEO is another way to reach the above goal which involves building up your site’s authority and as a result, Google will view it as important and your site will receive higher rankings traffic. If you choose that kind of marketing you will invest a fixed fee in the hope that your site’s traffic and your conversions are increased.

All the above are very simple, as the only thing you have to do is to create an ad and set your bid. Then, your ad will start being displayed and you will see an increase in your site. A great reason to use promoted ads is that they are not as expensive as you might think. There are plenty of keywords that can be used and not as expensive as others. Target the cheap ones and try to gain more traffic by using those keywords. This is a way for your business to experience the power of paid advertising.

What about our promoted ads?

We know that Social media offer really targeted advertising options, making it easier to reach your goal. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, reach more people, engage with potential customers or drive traffic to your website, we can assist you to attain your goal. We address the specific target group that we have defined, and through that we create the perfect ad for the perfect audience, thus achieving the best result on your budget.

We also monitor and performance your ads as they are both essential for your social media advertising. Enticing copy and an eye-catching visual created with your desired audience in mind is the recipe for our successful ads. An ad speaking of your brand in a way that intrigues the audience you are after can work wonders both in terms of brand awareness as well as of leads generation and conversions.

Social media platforms offer a big variety of possibilities when it comes to advertising. The most important step for us is to identify the platform or platforms that are popular with your desired audience and then explore the targeting options you have at your disposal. We can find you the ideal mix for your company that will allow you to increase your ROI, no matter what your ultimate goal is.

The 7 types of online advertising

  1. Display ads are visual ads that appear on third-party sites, mostly related to your content or service. They have evolved from the basic form and come as static images, texts, floating banners, popup ads, wallpapers, and videos. Display ads are very affordable sometimes as they will vary from site to site in case you contact directly the third party site or charge you a rate in case you go through a marketing site.

  2. Social media advertising allows you to target your audience perfectly and are separated in two categories, organic which creates loyalty and also gives you feedback from your audience and paid ads which are promoted posts and you are allowed to reach the specific audience.

  3. SEM works based on keywords and is the most dependable form of online paid advertising. All SEM ads are text ads only when they appear in Google, Bing or other search engines.

  4. Native advertising which appears on the Facebook feeds are the sponsored ones at the end of the blog and posted to other social media. These ads are integrated into the platform they appear. Some forms of Native Advertising are in-feed, recommendation widgets, promoted listings and search ads.

  5. Remarketing or Retargeting are the best ways in order to market to people who are familiar with the products or the services. When your audience visits your site, you drop a cookie in order to let your ads appear all over the net when they travel around, just to remember them about your services or products. This way can be very effective if it can be done right and increases conversions as it reminds visitors about your business.

  6. Video ads are a well-known method which consists of several different formats, content options or types. One basic goal is to pull on the emotional strings of your audience by creating a visual story. This is ideal if you are thinking of branding. Video ads are attracting the limited attention span and gaining in popularity.

  7. Email marketing is a cheaper, effective and faster form of advertising. It helps you built loyalty with your customers and at the same time boost your sales. If you use an email campaign manager you will be able to check how well they do and also monitor your ROI.