The Search Engine Marketing

Is the process of promoting or advertising the website of a brand (or business) in such a way as to return the investment and effort put into the advertising.
The SEM Short for “search engine marketing”, is the complete digital marketing procedures that belong to an overall digital strategy or digital development plan of the presence of a company/ brand online. In the later years, SEM is commonly associated with the paid part of this overall strategy, the PPC, or paid social media advertising.

Most known tools for PPC

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yandex ads
  • Baidu Ads

SEM as part of the broader Picture

Search Engine Marketing usually contains the practices of promoting your business or brand to the search engines that are responsible for local or global search results. Doing so requires a coordinated strategic plan with all the components of the marketing mix, starting from budgeting towards investment in promotions towards return on Investment.
The Digital Marketing Plan of a company/organization that aims to be successful requires optimization on the site with SEO (search engine optimization), then a portion of the investment on Social media traffic and referral traffic, and finally traffic from the paid sources or PPC.